itten word they struggle to accurately summarize the benefits of their products, service, or organization. This is where professional freelance writers can be a life saver, or at least a business saver. While we have web copy specialists that understand the ever changing nuances of SEO, so your business merits are not only accurately conveyed, but so that your website gets a good ranking too, our writers have very diverse backgrounds. We can help with advertising copy, marketing copy, all forms of technical writing, even investing and startup material.


At Olympus Web Design, we may be the Maryland web design, D.C. web design and Virginia web design specialists, but we also can help with any type of writing or copywriting project that you may have. No matter what the size of your writing project please feel free to contact us for rates or a custom bid.

Some of our content writing services:


    Anyone that has ever had to have a website constructed has heard the term Search Engine Optimization, and it a sounds like a bunch of nonsense based around keywords. The fact is, after many years of SEO enhancement for millions of websites, there is a great deal more to good web copy than simply sticking keywords into it. There is keyword density and proximity, of course, but the copy itself must be good, concise and informative. After all, it is people that become your customers, not the bots that surf the web. Qualified impressions, or views that are likely to translate to sales, are the most important facet of SEO, and that all starts with the copy.


    Boos, scripts, bios, memoirs, motivational books, sales books, PowerPoints, and even TED’s, anything can be ghost written, edited or improved, and we have the copywriters ready and waiting to help you.


    Most people look at Marketing and Ad copy as throw away money they spend to try and generate business, but that only gets you pennies of return on the dollar. This is very true if that is the way you view Marketing and Ad copy. Marketing and Ad copy can be the absolute lifeline of your business. Consider the copy as your sales force, would you ignore and throw all of your sales people away or skimp on your sales efforts? Well, Marketing and Ad copy is your first, most inexpensive and most effective sales force if it is well written!


    Some organizations require a more technically proficient language to conduct business, especially government contractors, universities and medical institutions. Our writers are technically proficient in most industries, and can likely help with your project.


    Articles and blogs are still the best way to generate traffic for your site. Our copywriters understand the nuances of article and blog SEO to help drive traffic. They can help you with fresh content that will make sure your page is not only not static, but appealing!