Photography Services

Photography is neither a lost or forgotten art at Olympus Web Design. Many of the websites that we design require more than just graphics and coding, and our freelance photographers are some of the best in the business. We proudly offer full service studio, indoor and outdoor photography options to our customers, provided by these excellent freelance photography professionals. Again as a boutique and not a typical, run of the mil photography studio, we can take on most any project, big or small, wherever you want your project handled.

Product photography is part of our ‘one-stop shop’ solution. We will photograph, edit and layout your commercial photographs. Our talented and experienced product photographers will bring your products to life in a fresh and dynamic way. We work extensively with each client to understand their requirements and provide a creative consultation on the best way to turn their vision into an artwork on its own. We offer a full and comprehensive capture and editing service. We will be happy to cater to any specialist requests, from location shoots and specialist food photographers, to prop sourcing and special effects.

Our Photography Services

Headshots & Portraits

While headshots and portraits comprised some of the earliest pictures ever taken with a camera, they’re still incredibly popular and important today. The freelance photographers at Olympus Web Design can deliver the best headshots, portraits, and profile pictures in the business.

Interior Photography

From room layouts and designs to interior architecture photography, Olympus Web Design photographers can shoot your interior in a multitude of lighting settings, capturing the essence of the interior you want captured until you are fully satisfied with the results.

Exterior Photography

Our freelance photographers are not only masters of interior photography, but of exterior photography as well. They have expertise in shading, setting, contour, color justification and lighting and can capture and enhance the essence of any type of exterior shot or shots that you may need.


Whether you are a model, an actor or actress, or have a skill or service that you want to highlight with a professional portfolio, Olympus Web Design can provide you with a full service portfolio of any style. We can even build an online portfolio for you once you are happy with your shots.


We can shoot products in a professional setting for any and every need, from websites to online stores to portfolios, catalogues and magazines. We can shoot your merchandise and product in a studio or at your factory, facility r building. Essentially, we can shoot your products wherever best suits you.


The Food Channel, food shows and the Internet have forever changed the importance of food photography! No longer does pictures of food and presentation only matter to chefs, cook books and cooking magazines, food is now the playground and business of the masses, from cooking blogs and websites to caterers who need marketing, the food shoot is an important modern phenomenon. Our photographers at Olympus Web Design specialize in food presentation, skilled profile lighting for food, and excellent food photography.